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Ulta Beauty Inc - ULTA trading signal

U.S. stock price signals and analysis

LLift-Off, with the close of March 28, detected a LONG trading signal on the stock of Ulta Beauty Inc (Ticker: ULTA) listed on the NASDAQ and part of the S&P500 index.


The stock closed at US$531.79 per share.


The stock reached near all-time highs in a high-volatility candle, demonstrating the company's strength. In 2022, despite a generally bearish market, the stock moved sideways and resumed on Oct. 25, reaching a new all-time high in December and confirming the bullish trend in 2023.


Below chart of Ulta Beauty Inc - ULTA- with the signal detected by Lift-Off.

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Ulta Beauty is an American chain of stores specializing in beauty products, cosmetics and personal care accessories. Founded in 1990, Ulta Beauty has rapidly expanded nationwide, becoming one of the largest beauty chains in the United States.

Ulta Beauty offers a wide selection of products, including make-up, hair care products, fragrances, skin care products, and beauty tools. In addition to high-end brands, Ulta Beauty also offers affordable brands to meet the needs of every customer.

In addition, Ulta Beauty also offers beauty services, such as nail treatments, haircuts, hair removal services, and facials. Customers can also consult beauty experts at Ulta Beauty stores to receive personalized advice and recommendations.

Ulta Beauty is also committed to environmental and social sustainability, with programs that support the local community and the environment. With more than 1,200 stores in the United States, Ulta Beauty continues to grow and innovate, offering customers a comprehensive and unique beauty experience.


Next earnings release for Q1 2023: May 25, 2023


Financial Overview: ULTA's current market capitalization is USD 26,124B. The next earnings release date for Ulta Beauty, Inc is May 25. The estimate is US$6.71.

Accounts, including revenue, expenses, profit and loss: ULTA's total revenue for the latest quarter is US$3.23B, up 37.97% from the previous quarter. Net income in Q4 22 is $340.75M USD.

Overview data and accounts source:


March 29, 2023

LONG - Ulta Beauty Inc - ULTA

Input price: $531.79 (and any opening price)



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