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Cinemark Holdings Inc - CNK trading signal

U.S. stock price signals and analysis

LLift-Off, with the close of April 6, detected a LONG trading signal on the stock of Cinemark Holdings Inc (Ticker: CNK) listed on the NYSE and part of the RUSSELL 2000 index, so it is a small cap.


The stock closed at US$15.21 per share, up 5.99 percent

The day closed above the last resistance placed on the US$14 level, from where it bounced back to create this new signal. There is room to reach the next level at $17.70 and then the important level of $19.50.


Below chart of Cinemark Holdings Inc - CNK- with the signal detected by Lift-Off.

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Cinemark Holdings Inc company profile

Cinemark Holdings Inc is a company that operates in the film projection industry through its subsidiaries. The company was founded by Lee Roy Mitchell in 1984 and is headquartered in Plano, Texas 1. Cinemark is one of the largest exhibitors of films in the United States and one of the most geographically diverse operators in the motion picture projection industry with approximately 5.900 screens in more than 520 theaters in the United States and Latin America


Next earnings announcement for Q1 2023: May 5, 2023


Financial Overview:CNK's current market capitalization amounts to 1.831B USD. Cinemark Holdings Inc's next earnings release date is May 5. The estimate is -0.33 USD.

Accounts, including revenue, expenses, profit and loss: CNK's total revenue for the latest quarter is 599.70M USD, down 7.80% from the previous quarter. Net income in Q4 22 is -97.90M USD.


Overview data and accounts source:


Signal board April 10, 2023

LONG - Cinemark Holdings Inc - CNK

Input price: USD 15.21 (and any opening price)



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