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BioXcel Therapeutics Inc - BTAI trading signal.

U.S. stock price signals and analysis

Good morning Traders,

With the close of February 8, Lift-Off confirms a LONG trading signal on the U.S. stock BioXcel Therapeutics Inc (Ticker: BTAI) listed on the NASDAQ and part of the RUSSELL 2000 Index (RUT)


The stock closed at USD 33.17 per share, marking a +8.08%.


Below the chart of BioXcel Therapeutics Inc - QRVO - with the signal detected by Lift-Off 

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The company is active in the "Health Technology" sector specifically in the "Biotechnology Industry"


BioXcel Therapeutics Inc is a biotechnology company developing innovative therapies for the treatment of mental and neurological diseases. The company was founded in 2017 and is based in New Haven, Connecticut. BioXcel focuses on using advanced artificial intelligence and genome analysis technologies to identify new treatments and enhance the effectiveness of existing therapies. The company uses a proprietary platform called the BioXcel Neuroscience Platform to identify and develop new therapies. BioXcel is committed to providing innovative and affordable solutions to patients worldwide suffering from mental and neurological disorders. BioXcel Therapeutics' market capitalization is approximately $2 billion.


Next earnings announcement for Q4 2022:March 9, 2023

Q3 2022 earnings

EPS: Reported -1.49 / Expected -1.31 / Previous -1.35

Earnings: Reported 137.00K/ Forecasted 1.00M/ previous 0.00


Financial Overview:BTAI's current market capitalization is USD 860,033M. The next earnings release date for BioXcel Therapeutics, Inc is March 9. The estimate is -1.41 USD.

Accounts, including sales, expenses, profit and loss: -

Overview data source and accounts:


February 9, 2023

LONG - BioXcel Therapeutics Inc - BTAI

Input price: $33.17 USD (and any price)

Beware this is a small cap, contain risk as its balance sheet data is negative, but right now it is experiencing relative strength that could encourage further upside in the short term.


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